NAKEnDLE Natural Eco-friendly Coconut-Rapeseed Wax Melts - Sweet Mint & Wildflowers

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Wax melts are cute as a puppy's face; small, charming and make you say 'aaaaww'.
But it's not just that. Apart from looking adorable they also give you a little condensed experience of the big doggies... sorry, candles.
They have excellent scent through and their lovely character is a guarantee for making your home feel even more cozy.
Pop them in your wax warmer, cuddle up on the sofa and enjoy the happiness hormone flooding your body.

• 100% natural alternative to paraffin and soy wax
• Hand-poured, pure, ethically sourced coconut-rapeseed wax candle
• Sprinkled with natural botanicals
• Vegan, Cruelty-free, Entirely handmade
• Natural, ethically sourced fragrance oils that are FREE from CMR’s, Phthalates, Parabens, Silicone and PEG.
• 8 melts per bag
• 5 grams per melt
• Up to 100 hours burn time per pack
• Eco-friendly packaging, with biodegradable waxed paper bags

Is it the flying ears of your dog catching the ball or the smell of freshly cut grass that make your early morning walks worthwhile? Whichever it is, this candle can bring the smells and feelings of early morning nature-walk to your home - but without the puddles and the sneeze (if you are allergic to grass that is).

The scents of wild flowers and grasses with a hint of refreshing mint and eucalyptus can set you up for a productive day ahead.

Top notes: Mint, Eucalyptus, narcissus, violet

Middle notes: Patchouli, Water Lily, Field grass, Osmanthus

Base notes: Vanilla, Cedar, box tree,

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